§Blood Stained Snow§ (somethingclever) wrote in cf_tomorrow,
§Blood Stained Snow§

First introduction

Well, I guess I'm the first one to post here. So here goes an introduction, even though I know I'm currently the only other member.

I'm Sky, twenty years old, and I don't wish to have children. I've felt like this since a very young age, and no matter who tells me that one day my feelings will change, I don't want my own children.

A couple of years ago I considered asking to have my tubes clipped, but, seeing as it is such a drastic measure, at least, the doctors would see it that way for someone so young, it was doubtful they would even consider it. I will probably try again in a few years, but for the moment, I'm fine as it is.

One of the main reasons I don't want children is because I wouldn't feel right contributing to the overpopulation problem we have at the moment, that, and wouldn't like to bring life into a world we are slowly destroying.

Anything else you want to know, message me. XD
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