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I'm Monica, but you're more likely to find me online as equiraptor. I'm 21. I had figured out I didn't really think children were for me by the 4th grade. We had those sex-ed classes... One of the questions they asked was "How many kids do you want to have?" As they went around asking everyone, I thought, "I don't want any, I really don't, but if I say that, they'll think something's wrong with me." I said I just wanted one. I got some... interesting looks.

Now I'm getting "You'll change your mind" and those she must be evil looks at work. *sigh* Fortunately, my S.O. is childfree as well. I think my mother can handle "I don't want kids any time soon, and it doesn't look like I ever will" because I'm leaving myself open to change. My dad is very hands-off. It's my life, I'll do what I want (yay Dad!).

So... um... that's me. :)
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